6 Summer Safety Tips For Dogs – It’s That Time Again!


Woof!  Luther here.  Man…I’ve been gone a long, long time.  My Maw’s been working on another website and I couldn’t use the laptop.  I casually mentioned that maybe we should get a second one.  Wanna know what she said?  Absolutely nothing!  I guess the answer is no.  I’m not complaining though, because I’m back just in time.  IT’S SUMMER and I’m here to share 6 hot summer safety tips for us fur kids!!!  It’s been raining a lot here in the south, and the heat is turning up.  It’s summertime and that means I get to be outdoors more often.  I’ve had cabin fever so I’m pretty excited.

Summer Safety Tips - watching for bugs!

Today, I’m Talking to the Pet Parents.  Hi!

My human pet owners sure do love me and I know you love your fur kids too!  Maw and Paw make sure I get all my flea, tick and heartworm medications year round – Why?  Because these meds are not just for summer, and should be taken all year long for 100% protection.  Here in the south, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are big, mean, sucking machines and they hang out most of the 12 months.  Maw and Paw think you can put saddles on them…that’s ridiculous.  BOL!  (Barking Out Loud).

But, seriously, parents.  I put together a list of some summer tips for you and your fur kids. There are a ton more tips, but hey…then I wouldn’t have anything to write about later.  Woof 🙂

6 Hot Summer Safety Tips For Dogs

Tip #1:  Watch Out For Them Ticks!

Summer Safety Tip #1 Protect your pup from Ticks

These little buggers are everywhere and they want your pups blood!  You check yourself after being outside, right?  Please don’t forget to check your fur kids too!  Especially after walking around trees and long grass, or even just sitting around the backyard.  Just like you humans, when we get tick bites we can get Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a host of other nasty diseases too.

(Click Here to view the Flea and Tick Map)

I don’t mean to scare you, but did you know that a tick bite can possibly paralyze pets?  I guess it’s caused by a potent toxin those things carry.  It’s pretty rare, but I just thought you should know.  Dang, that’s some serious stuff.  And did you know that If we have get an infected tick, you could possibly be at risk for diseases too?

Now, this is what you do if you find a tick on yourself…CHECK YOUR FUR BABY TOO!  You will have to use your tweezers or a special tick tool to remove the ticks.  And parents, I know you know this…but make sure you get the whole darn thing out (the body AND the whole head).  I just got the heebie-jeebies.  Brrrrrr!

If you don’t already have it on hand…make sure you remember to get with your vet and get your flea and tick medications.  My parents went high tech since we live in the hot bed of flea, tick and mosquito country.

My Parents Use:  NexGard Chewables (for fleas AND ticks). They’re quite delicious and I get one once a month!

Tip #2:  Watch Out For Them Fleas!

Okay.  Here’s another creepy one.  Fleas!  Nasty, nasty little invaders.  They are invasive and they don’t give a hoot.  They will take over your whole area!  Humans pay attention!  If you let an infestation take over – IT SUCKS!  The process to de-flea your home is not an easy task and it’s VERY time consuming.  First, once again, make sure you’ve got your babies on their medication. See my “cute eyes”?  Is it working?  Of course it is…it always works. Please, please get your babies protected!

Summer Safety Tip #2 Cute puppy eyes - watch out for fleas

Fleas are quick-fast and will set up a long term vacation spots on us fur kids.  Don’t let them go untreated; especially right now – summer through fall.  Once they set up their new vacation home, they will travel throughout your entire house with their eggs and young.  Just like ticks, fleas can transmit some serious diseases to you humans including bubonic plague. And those nasty critters can re-infest your home every 30 days!  Bleh!  Make sure your and your fur kid get to your veterinarian to discuss long term flea (and tick) care.  My schedule is the 1st day of every month.  Maw and Paw pay the mortgage – I get my monthly meds.  Easy, peasy to remember!

My Parents Use:  NexGard Chewables (for fleas AND ticks). Like I said earlier…they get one every month!

Tip #3:  Heartworm Prevention Is So Important For Us Pups!  Real Important.

YUCK!!  I’m really totally creeped out.  I’m a man…but a man has their limitations!

While we’re on the subject of invasive bugs…make sure you protect our hearts!  Heartworms live inside of mosquitos that carry infected heartworm larvae.  Let’s just say this is a nasty disease that can cause death!  These little nasties travel through our bodies until they get to our heart and blood vessels of our lungs.  You won’t see any damage for about 6 months, and these buggers can get 12″ long!  WOW – that’s a whole foot!  It’s a long process to treat once contracted, so just protect us instead.  It’s way cheaper to prevent than to treat…we don’t want to see human sad eyes when you find out we got sick and it could have been prevented.  I’m not being mean…I’m just sayin! 🙂

My Parents Use:  Heartgard Plus.  I get this once a month too!

Tip #4:  Is Your Fur Kid Spayed or Neutered?

Summer Safety Tip #4 Spay or neuter your pet

So, this might be an embarrassing subject for you, but…Spring Is In The Air!  Woof, woof!  Spaying and neutering can cost quite a few bucks, but the investment is worth it. My real fur mom’s human pet owners kicked her out of the house when she got pregnant with us babies.  They just dumped her on the side of the road!  It was a heck of a story (read it here).  We were all lucky though.  We all were found, rescued and got great forever homes, and after she was spayed…mama did too!

Do you have any ideas how many stray dogs end up living on the street homeless?  Millions of ’em!  All because people don’t want the hassle of raising up pups.  “So fix it people?  You’re HUMAN!  You can do this!”

Spaying and neutering can also be a healthy for medical reasons too.  It cuts down breast cancer in females and testicular cancer in us males. PLUS…being neutered keeps us from prowling around town looking for those females and fighting other dogs that hinder our progress or infiltrate our territory.

Tip #5:  Do You Have a Disaster Plan?

Summer Safety Tip #5 - Have a disaster plan

It’s spring time and summer’s around the corner.  You know what that means?  STORMS.  And plenty of ’em.  Here in Tennessee we’ve been having TONS of rain.

Think about this.  An emergency might force you all to evacuate.  Parents…do you have a plan?  What would you do in case of a tornado warning.  If the sirens were sounding – do you know where to go in the house for safety?  You know…stuff like that.  If you have to leave your home, where will they take us?  You can’t (and shouldn’t) leave us behind.  How scary!  What if there’s a fire, or flood, or straight-line force winds?  And did you know that not all Red Cross shelters allow us to come inside with you?  Parents…please plan your safety strategy.  I’m sure if you ask, your fur baby will be happy to help you do some on-line research to find pet-friendly shelters and motels ahead of time.

Tip #6:  Oh Baby It’s Hot Outside

Summer Safety Tip #6 It's hot to be Cool!

Parents!  Protect your fur baby from heatstroke.  No one thinks about this one much.  Everyone knows not to leave us in hot cars (they should know this anyway), but what about leaving us out in the yard all day?  Do we have plenty of water?  Is there shade, or a dog house to protect us from the hot sun?  Oh!  I know…can we run through the sprinkler??

You humans get to sweat to cool down. We don’t, we have to pant. Some dangers signs that we’re not doing so well might be we’re panting and can’t stop, or you notice that it’s hard for us to breathe; maybe you notice that our gums turn white or blue, or we’re super tired or lethargic, get us to a vet right away!  These are warning signs of heatstroke.  This can cause serious illness or even death.  And while you’re at it…make sure your protecting yourself too!  WE LOVE YOU!

Well.  There you have it, parents.  I’m so glad I got to speak to you today.  It’s not that I’m ignoring you or any thing.  It’s just that us pups need to bond with like minded pups.

These are just a few summer safety tips I threw together today.  There’s definitely more to this list – but this will get you started.  You have quite a list to check off.  Don’t forget:

  • We need flea and tick medication (and mosquitoes too!)
  • Remember to protect us from heartworms
  • If you haven’t spayed or neutered us yet…please do.  Not that we’re excited about that…but hey, it’s necessary.
  • Put together a disaster plan if you haven’t, and
  • GET US A POOL TO PLAY IN?  Oh.  I didn’t mention that?  Well, I meant to.

Until next time…







4 comments on “6 Summer Safety Tips For Dogs – It’s That Time Again!

  1. Thanks for the great tips, Luther! I am a friend of Maw’s on WA!

    It is raining a lot here too – on the MS Gulf Coast! I think we have most of the tips in check over here, but you reminded me to go give some fresh water right now! My Collie will thank you! Her name is Super Nova Scotia Halitosis!! Nova for short!

    It fits! 🙂

    Best of luck with your blog! Glad someone is speaking up for the fur babies!!

    PS: I am rooting for you to get that laptop!!

    • I’m so glad you stopped by and tell Nova WOOF!! I LOVE her name!

      I’m also glad you enjoyed my article. I’m assuming that most fur families know to have a health plan and safety plan for their pups, but sometimes we become an afterthought. Not on purpose, mind you – sometimes fur parents just get a little too busy. My Maw and Paw love me so much and it shows; everything they do they consider me in the variables. Ain’t I lucky? So I thought I’d share those things they do for me on a regular basis.

      Make sure Nova stops by often. I hope to be writing more soon. Maw explained the laptop thing to me. She said she had to monitor my use because she wants me to focus on exercise and play and not become glued to the computer. I guess Labs have a tendency to get chunky 🙂 She also said it was important that remain a “pup at heart”.

      And Maw has mentioned you! Your the bloggerbuilders.com lady, right? She likes your site too! Maw’s pretty cool, and I’m glad you guys get to chat. She never gets out of house much since she lost her job, and could use a friend or two.

      WooF…until next time.

  2. Hi Luther – I wanted to stop by and check on you!! Woof to you too!!!

    You have a great Maw and Paw!! You are for sure one lucky dog!!! 🙂

    I will tell Nova you said hello!! Yes, I am the bloggerbuilders lady!! Your blog is coming along great!

    Stay cool this summer!!

    • I’m so glad to see you again! Tell Nova “WOOF” hello! I hope she’s doing well and ready for summer. I know I am! Pretty soon I’ll be writing about my recent backyard adventures. Pawpaw let me help him in the yard the other day. It was great fun, and I sure got tuckered out! I think that was the plan.

      You and Nova have a great weekend. AND…WOOF WOOF WOOF (HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY). 🙂


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