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We love to cook and bake from scratch…the old fashioned way with very few ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden.  We love simplicity in the kitchen.  We’re Grandparents now and all of our kids are grown up and long gone.  As a matter of fact our Grandkids are pretty darn grown up as well.  Even though it’s just me and Grandpa now, we still cook together in the kitchen and we still eat our meals at the dining room table.  And, all of the dogs we’ve had throughout our lives, laid quietly under the table while we enjoyed conversations over dinner.

Our Environment...NatureEating healthy with fresh ingredients was very important to us for our own health reasons.  We never thought about the environment and healthy eating for our dogs.  But a startling pattern was being noticed about the health of longevity of our fur kids.  They were dying way too early for the typical lifespan for their breed and they were dying from different types of cancer.  Then we had a lightbulb moment…if the environment and food choices affect us, didn’t it affect our pets too?

I believe dogs, just like people, are living longer thereby have more chances to get sick.  However, I also understand the importance of healthy eating and what it does for the mind and body.  So this is what we did:

  • Fresh CarrotsI researched and learned about the different environmental factors that affect our pets
  • Researched different type of dog foods and their ingredients
  • I stopped feeding cheap dog food with additives and fillers I couldn’t pronounce
  • We found more nutritious alternatives for food and prevention options
  • I started baking homemade dog treats from natural ingredients…this has been AWSOMELY fun and very fulfilling

Our research is what gave us the idea to start this healthy dog treat site.  Inside you’ll find all things dogs, such as healthy homemade treats and recipes, a better understanding of affordable natural dog food choices, exercise and training tips, and general information.  We hope you find this to be an informative and fun place to be.  Make sure you take time to meet Luther – he’s our newest baby.  He is the true inspiration for this site.  He writes most of the blogs and is an ambassador and supporter of your fur baby.

We welcome you!


Let Me Introduce Us…Paw Paw’s Kitchen Staff

Me. Sheila. Owner/Baker.Sheila

Bold, bodacious and fearless leader of Paw Paw’s Kitchen (and household), sprinkled with tenacity and a need to “gift back” to all fur babies. I’m a free spirit who loves all things natural and holistic.  I love to cook and bake – just never knew I’d end up doing it for our pets. I’m the chef behind the operation.


Him. Hubby. Mr. Paw Paw. Business Manager Extraordinaire. And our Zappa – in dog heaven.Hubby and Zappa

Mr. Paw Paw LOVES his dogs!  He is smart, anal retentive, and has that business head.  He handles the finances.  Marketing and cutting deals is his passion and he is a true jack-of-all-trades, master of most. Hubby keeps Paw Paw’s Kitchen moving forward and makes sure the integrity of the company meets our (and our fur baby’s) high standards.  We lost our Zappa to Cancer.

Roach. Also in dog heaven.Roach

Breed: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard.

He is the reason behind Paw Paw’s Kitchen.  He had many severe allergies and health problems.  Through our veterinarian, we found out that cheap, bad food with way too much filler played a part. We went on the hunt for natural dog foods and treats.  Along with medications and healthy food options we were able to extend his life by 3 years.  We miss and love him!  WHAT A GOOD BOY!

Roach:  Master herder. Patrol watch, security and S.W.A.T. Our junk yard dog loved home cooked goodies and loved to hang out in the kitchen with me.  He was the master taste tester and loved to watch for fallen food and crumbs to hit the floor.


Luther. The new baby.Luther

Breed:  1/2 Yellow Lab – 1/2 German Shepherd.

He’s smart, top of his puppy classes and is a big chuckle-head.  He’s funny, inquisitive, loves to eat furniture (bad for the diet…LOL).  He also has bad skin allergies and many tummy problems.  He’s not the enforcer like Roach was – unless you count endless kisses as a sophisticated mode of attack.

Thank you for meeting us and its our pleasure to meet you!  We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.  We are passionate about the health and well-being of our pets and yours!

Take a look around.  We hope you find something you like!

PEACE – and Make it a Grrrrrreat Day.

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