Barking Lot


Come on in!  Enter our Barking Lot for a howling good time!dog-608237_1280

Here you’ll find:


  • Dog Humor

    • These jokes come from all over:  some from friends, some from kids, some from around the world and back.  If you have a funny one…PLEASE FOR BARKS SAKE…SHARE!
  • News from around the world

    • Good, bad, happy sad and everything in  between
  • Bites and Bits of Information

    • Little bites of information – little bits of charm
  • Funny Pictures & Videos

    • If you have a funny picture, please share!  We’d love to see it!
  • …and other topics not related to healthy dog treats

    • There is life after food, of course!

This page was Luther’s idea.  He’s always thinking about something!  He told me he gets his best ideas while snoozing!

He was so excited when he woke up.  He thought we should do a section purely for FUN with dog humor, funnies and news topics.  What a good dog!


Kick Back and Relax.  Sit, Stay and Enjoy Luther’s brain child.


 Bark On!!




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