Playtime For Pooch – Sit, Play, Fun!


Woof.  Luther here…and it’s PLAYTIME!

I love to exercise, and it’s good for you – it has to be because it makes me smile.  My maw maw just had a birthday and is getting older.  She works way too many tons of hours and my paw paw…is just old!  LOL!  Do dogs say LOL?  Anyway…I love to play.  I try to keep my energy under control but sometimes I feel like I’m gonna pop from excitement!  Sometimes I have so much energy that I have problems keeping myself under control.  I eat furniture, hide clothing, steal snacks off the coffee table, move indoor plants around (I really like the big one that on wheels – can’t leave it alone for some reason).  But I try to be good.  But, boy oh boy – when it’s playtime I let all the stops out.

That’s me playing in the snow.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it – SO FUN!  Maw maw let me stay out for a real long time.

Playtime in the snow
My first snow! Yippie!

This is the thing about play.  I don’t need much.  I mean, I can run and play outside all day long if I want to.  But I want to spend time with my human pet owners.  They are amazing, for humans.  I can see they enjoy playtime too!  I can see the stress just fade away from maw maw when she’s home from work.  I bark and play growl at her all the time – I tell her…Look at you!  You’re having fun and smiling!!  I did that!

I try to tell them I know what I’m talking about – they act like they don’t understand me.  I try to tell them all the benefits we get when we spend quality time together.

Playing in the kitchen
Ain’t I a cutie?  That’s me with my favorite toy.

Such as…

  • It makes me happy and keeps my mind occupied
  • It make YOU happy
  • Playing games builds my confidence
  • It makes me smarter!  Its mental and physical stimulation – who doesn’t like that?
  • I get to learn the rules – I’m learning “no biting”, and “off” (when I jump up too much), “drop it” (I found out if I don’t “drop it” they won’t throw the ball and play!)  I know “last one” (That means this is the last ball to be thrown).
  • After good play I get one of my homemade goodies!  YUM!  I’m always good because I KNOW.

Not just these fun things, but I get something more…

Playtime Over. So Tired!
Getting some zzzzz’s
  • It makes me want to hang out with them even more.
  • It relieves stress for me too and makes me ready for nap time.  Time to fuel up!
  • And, I know I keep saying it…IT’S FUN FOR ALL OF US!

If there are dog mommies and daddies out there, please take heed.  Play.  It’s so essential to what we do.  We love being loved.  Playtime is our lovie time!

Woof…until next time.





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