Dog Days of Spring – Yard Work, Help Wanted


Hello, Luther here.  WOOF!  Man.  It’s spring time and I’m loving it.  Summer is just around the corner and hope you pups are prepared.  Today’s blog is short and all about fun!  Pups…I hope you’re lucky enough to have the chance to work in the yard with your parents.  It’s SO much fun.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.

It’s Spring Time!

Welcome to my first “Photo Blog”.  I hope you enjoy the photos!


Spring Cleaning
Here I am assessing the situation, and sniffing out a plan.

Cleaning the yard of debris
We picked up sticks and a whole mess of pine cones. They had to chase me down to get them, but hey…I was helping them exercise! This is the small batch.

What's the plan Paw?
Time to trim the trees and bushes. I said “hold up Paw”, cuz we should have a plan…and I had one!

Cleaning up sticks and branches
Paw. You trim. I’ll carry!

Taking care of lawn business
Here I am taking the branches to a pile I’ve put together.

Giving a helping hand
I don’t need gloves, like Paw. I’ve got teeth!

Fighting with a huge branch.
This is a big one! I got it though. LET GO PAW!!

Play tag with the branches
I took off running, but no one chased me. No fun allowed I guess.

Following Paw to the branch pile
Oh, all right. I’ll do it like we discussed. GEE WHIZ!

Spring cleaning the gutters
Paw’s new ladder he got for Father’s Day. I helped pick it out, but I didn’t help buy it. If I got an allowance I would have helped pay for it, but I don’t.

Cleaning the gutters
Time to clean the gutters. I watched Paw. Man, that was kind of nasty. I let him do that one by his self. YUCK! I supervised.

Trimming bushes
OH BOY! This time we’re trimming the bushes. I might get to climb the ladder!

Trimming the bushes.
I was told “absolutely not” on climbing the ladder. Well dang. I didn’t get to climb the ladder, but I still got to carry the branches! COOL!

Helping pick up and move branches
If you need help…I’m SO GOOD at this! Look at that proud, confident look in my eyes. I’m such a good assistant. WOOF!

Playing catch and retrieve
After cleaning up the yard, we played ball! I got to run, and run, and run! WHEW!

Tired Labrador Pup
I was so tuckered out, I didn’t eat my dinner. I slept for HOURS (with one of my favorite toys)! Just what us Labs need: TONS OF EXERCISE!

I hope you enjoyed my photo blog and I hope you’re lucky enough to help out in the yard.  It looks like a lot of work, but it wasn’t.  It was a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

We also found an old kiddie pool in the shed.  I heard the parents whisper that they might set it up for me.  OH BOY!!!  I can’t wait!  It gets hot and muggy around these parts, and that pool is gonna be a great way to cool off.

Until next time, my pups…




8 comments on “Dog Days of Spring – Yard Work, Help Wanted

  1. Love it!!! We need to come visit soon!!

    • Yes you do! I miss all of you so much! Stop playing…when can you come visit? You’ll just love Luther. He has such a HUGE personality.

      Sheila (& Luther)…and PAWPAW. 🙂

  2. Love it .Durango eat the branchrs. Sometime helps out.

    • Hi Chris! Luther eats the branches too. And rocks. And pine cones. And sea shells. And bricks. You get the picture! 🙂
      Love you! I’m so glad you stopped by. What fun!

      Sheila (& Luther, and Pawpaw)

  3. Sheila, I don’t have the pleasure of having a dog, but one thing I absolutely know, because it’s so obvious:

    They are PROUD of themselves when they help us out!
    It builds up their confidence so much…..

    Reminds me a bit of us, when things are coming along well…….:-)))

    Love your site, and the way you bring it across with those beautiful pictures…..


    • Therese! Thank you so much for the compliment. Luther and I really enjoy working together on his blog. He’s such a happy pup and so willing to please. He literally beams with pride when he helps us. When we lost our old pup last year to cancer, it left a huge hole in our homes and in our hearts. Luther came along and filled up the “empties” in a BIG WAY. With the declining health of our last pup and Luther’s tummy problems, I knew we had to share the brighter, and healthier, side of growing up a healthy pup. This site is dedicated to “Old Man” Roach. Young pup Luther is proud to fill the big shoes left behind.

      Oh! And I’m so glad you love the pictures. Luther just loves the camera. What a ham!

      Thank you again for stopping by. You made my (and Luther’s) day. 🙂

      Sheila (& Luther)

  4. Wow! Luther, you sure are a helpful dog. You make yardwork look like a blast! Makes me want to just roll around in the grass and wrestle!

    • Woof! Come on! I wear these old folks out over here. They could use a hand!

      It’s nice to meet you. I swear I’ve heard my maw maw talk about you. Thanks for seeing me. I’m hoping I’ll get some computer time soon. Maw’s been hogging the computer working on HER site. Gee whiz. What’s a dog to do?

      Bark on…

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