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This website is intended to engage, provide great information, easy recipes and ideas, and a to have a fun, light-hearted atmosphere.  But today, let’s take a look at what started the healthy pet food craze…the 2007 Pet Food Recall.

A Look Back at the 2007 Crises

Calling all pet owners. Let me take you back to 2007. Remember that fateful year of fear for pet owners around the globe? There was that national recall on most major pet food brands. And not just the cheap ones were affected – but some of the top names we know and trust.

I don’t know if you remember but North America, Europe and South Africa were all affected by this massive recall. The recalls were caused by contaminated vegetable proteins, imported from China in 2006 and early 2007.  They used it as pet food ingredients/additives. And apparently the contamination was caused by melamine. What is melamine? Melamine is an industrial chemical used to make all different types of products, including fertilizer, plastics, glue and concrete. Do you want to know why they put it there? According to what I’ve read – to boosts the protein percentage!

Commercial Pet Food

We have been duped by commercialism and have been swayed by marketing to decide what “popular” food to feed our pets. I don’t judge, I’m part of that number – we all were and are. When this crisis happened, we were outraged, saddened and scared for the livelihood of our pets. Then panic set in. I know it did for me. Where were we supposed to get our pet food now? What alternatives did we have? Did we just keep on using what we bought – and hope for the best?  I threw ours out – then didn’t know what to do next; other brands I was considering were on the “toxic list”.

I remember an acquaintance of mine always cooked her dog’s food because he wouldn’t eat canned or dry commercial food. Before the recall, I thought she was crazy! I was like…after three days I bet he eats it! Now I apologize for that. Who was I to judge?

Let’s think about this for a minute. Didn’t dogs naturally know how to feed themselves before we humans came along? And think about how our ancestors fed their pets – with a variety of fresh, cooked foods from their own kitchens (or campfires). Simple, easy, smart and healthy.

I’m not saying stop buying commercial dog food. I still do and honestly breaking away from commercialism is a bit drastic, and not necessary. Research is necessary.  There are better foods out there.  To keep up with current recalls, click this link.  This is where I go.  I just want to stay informed and educated.  Some recalls are only cautionary – so don’t freak out.  🙂

A New Frontier for Pet Foods


Some pet owners have become concerned over the safety of all processed pet foods, and have chosen to stay completely away from them in favor of preparing food from ingredients at home. Because of this, books on home prepared recipes for pet foods has become super popular on Some veterinarians don’t necessarily agree with this philosophy and believe that animal diets are difficult to maintain in regarding proper nutrition and safety and believe that it’s best to buy store-bought food.  I figure it like this…it’s a personal choice and no one is necessarily wrong, or right.  What’s right, is what you believe to be right.  Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s Why We’re Here

I asked myself one specific question. Why are people and pets getting so many ailments, diseases and sickness more than ever? My answer was this…it all centered around our food choices. We know, as humans, that additives and preservations aren’t good for us…so why should it be good for pets? My hubby and I never were “eat out people”. I have always cooked our meals fresh and from scratch. When people ask me about my favorite restaurant they are stunned when I say MY KITCHEN. They automatically say; “I’ve never heard of them”. Too funny! Then are shocked when I say we probably eat out once, maybe twice a year. But it’s true.

Let’s learn together to find healthier, cost effective options to feeding our furry loved ones. Let’s find or make healthy food and snacks we all can feel good about.

Our last two dogs, Zappa and Roach, both died from cancer. It was heartbreaking. They didn’t live near their estimated length of life, they missed by several years. It’s time to change things with our new little one, Luther.


That’s the premise behind Paw Paw’s Kitchen. We hope you take time to have some fun in the kitchen and make some homemade “cookies” for your “family”.

WELCOME to our passion. WELCOME to Paw Paw’s Kitchen.

Please comment and share your story.  We’d love to hear all about your furry family member.

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