Healthy KONG Recipes – STUFF IT!


A Cautionary Warning.

Things are about to get delicious up in here!

Luther waiting for his KONG

A few first words of caution before you begin stuffing your KONG with these delicious recipes. First beware; once your pup knows what you’re doing he’ll be dancing and twirling around you in the kitchen! Second; this could be a potential tripping hazard. Please…Be careful.

Now that’s out of the way…

Let The Good Times Begin!

Always start with a clean KONG.  And… Size matters here. Pick the right size for your pups bred. And small KONGS do not stuff well. Go one size up from small, even for your littlest one. Unless you have one of those extremely small toy Chihuahuas! 🙂

Mighty Protein:

Put a Steak in It

Steak scraps (from dinner) unless you can afford to cook one for your pup. LOL.

Cottage Cheese

Put small scraps of steak inside the KONG. Spoon in cottage cheese in both sides of the KONG. Put enough in there to hold the stead pieces. EASY PEASY!

Natural Peanut ButterNutter Butter – can’t get no easier than this!

Natural Peanut Butter

That’s it. Spread the PB inside the KONG. I just use a knife with loads of PB, then I smear it all on the inside. (NOTE: PLEASE…do not let them have this in a house on light colored carpet. It’s a mess to clean up. How do I know? Don’t ask.  🙂

I’ve Got a Bone to Pick with you

Cheese. Use a little cheese to plug up the hole on the small end of the KONG.

Now turn the KONG over.

Add some small treats (little marrow bites or broken up little dog biscuits) or cut up some treats you might have made.

Main Course. Good quality canned food mixed with dry kibble. Fill the rest of the way.

Now…get a small or medium dog biscuit. Shove it in the big end, but let a little hang out from the hole. That’ll get their attention!

Belly RubsRice

Cooked diced chicken breast

Diced carrots

Frozen Peas Gravy (not too much!) just a little for flavor

Cooked rice

Mix all ingredients together and stuff into the KONG. Give to your pup as is or you can freeze it for a longer lasting treat (my standard…freeze 5 hours). This is SOOO good for the yummy. Be careful with the gravy though. Luther can only tolerate a smidge, but he love-loves the flavor.

CheeriosCheerio My Friend!


Natural Peanut Butter


Smear PB in the small hole to plug it up. Mix appropriate amount of Cheerio’s with PB and stuff it into the KONG. Spread more PB over the big hole to plug it up.

Freeze at least 5 hours.


Sweet Treats – Oh Boy!  DESSERT!


Pumpkin Banana Pie

Small can of pumpkin

Small banana

Cottage Cheese

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stuff into the KONG. Just a nice simple sweet treat.

Life is Sweet

Canned pumpkin


Dry Kibble

Cut up apple into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stuff into the KONG. This is a nice sweet treat that’s super healthy and YUMMY! According to Luther anyway.

Banana Bo BanaBananas

1 fresh banana

2 tablespoons wheat germ

1 tablespoon cottage cheese

Mush up the banana in a bowl. Add wheat germ and yogurt and mash it all up together. Spoon it into the KONG and freeze at least 5 hours. Make according to the size KONG you have. Don’t be afraid to double the recipe for a larger size toy. ENJOY!

A Word About Cheese and Dairy Products

A Word About Dairy


According to Luther’s vet, cheese is safe for him to eat.  She said “don’t go overboard”.  Small to moderate quantities only, because too much cheese digestive issues.  Some pups are lactose intolerant.  I only use the bottom four ingredients listed below because of Luther’s perpetual tummy issues.Lactose Chart

Luther love cottage cheese. It’s the one he likes best. Sometimes sweeten it with bananas or apples for his KONGS and sometimes we use veggies like carrots (his favorite), green beans, and cucumber slices.

That’s it for now.  Oh.  And…Luther is SO worried you all will think he is spoiled rotten!  I told him:  “It’s okay.  I’m glad you think that!  We love you, and all the extra work is SO WORTH IT to see your smile”!


Luther and all of us at Paw Paw’s Kitchen thank you so much for stopping by!  If you have recipes to share, please leave a comment below with your pooches favorite!  We appreciate all comments and deliciousness you’re willing to share!



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