Luther’s Corner – A History of My Name


Luther’s Corner, Massachusetts

Whoa!  I knew I was special.  So special, in fact, that they named a town after me!  Isn’t that serious cool?  Okay.  So I’m sure the town came first, but I’m still so excited.  I plopped my name in a search…and THERE IT WAS!  And it’s HISTORIC!  🙂  It’s called Luther’s Corner in Swansea, Massachusetts and I found it on Wikipedia.

Luther's Corner, Massachusetts
Luther’s Corner. Attribution: Tim Pierce, Wikipedia

This is so fun. A real place with my name.

The reason I’m so excited is that I was named by my fur parents as a homage to their most favorite thing.  Rock and Blues music!  My Maw Maw and Paw Paw are HUGE Blues fans and they know some cool musicians like:  Ronnie Baker Brooks, Lonnie Brooks, James Solberg, Biscuit and the Mix, the late and great Pine Top Perkins.  Paw Paw said Pine Top came over to the house a few times and actually showed him some guitar licks!  That’s when he lived in south Chicago, back in the day.  Paw says “back in the day” a lot…I don’t know what that means.  Biscuit and the Mix had a gig last year in Omaha, Nebraska.  Maw and Paw lived there at the time and they all got to hang out. Cool, man, cool.

Of course my fur parents are obsessive about music and have literally tons of CD’s and quite frankly, I think they play their music way too loud for old people.  Maybe they don’t hear so well?  And they wiggle and jiggle all funny when the music plays to loud. Maw even jiggles while she’s cooking and baking in the kitchen.  Humans are strange.

The History of our Names

It all started with the girl Zappa. She was the princess I guess, and named after…drum rolllllll:  Frank Zappa.

Zappa and Paw Paw

Then came Roach, the protector.


He was named after Roach, the lead singer from Café R&B.  Cool double concept.  R&B for rhythm and blues, and it also stands for Roach and Bill, her husband.  Neato!

Then me, Luther!  Named after Luther Allison (no, not Luther Vandross).  🙂


Any way.  It’s been so fun to do my own research and find out about all this info.  I love it.  Whether it’s Luther’s Corner, Massachusetts, or Luther Allison the Blues great; I have a history, a lineage if you please.  And to me…that’s barking cool stuff!

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4 comments on “Luther’s Corner – A History of My Name

  1. Luther, you handsome devil! I love how you and your fur buddies were all named after legendary musicians. It’s a real good thing! Keep on barkin’ dem blues!

    • Woof! Thank you for stopping by and taking time to “sit” “stay” with me a bit. Yep. I’m so lucky I’m in the company of my past fur family with my legendary name. A family name with history, meaning and honor! And thanks for the compliment…I think I’m pretty darn cute myself. Of course if you read my previous post on being bad, you’ll see my cuteness did nothing for me when I destroyed the furniture. Yikes. Poor judgement on that one.

      Any way, thanks again for stopping by. I plan on writing something profound fairly soon. Don’t forget to check it out.

      BARK ON!!!

  2. Music has a way of finding wonderfully expressive and highly creative beings like you. This will always be.
    Thanks for your wonderful work, that will fix ANYONE’S “bad” morning…..
    With Love and Joy

    • Oh, yes! I think I must agree. I find I love music more and more. I want to check out this band I heard my maw talking about. Three-Dog-Night. Have you heard of it? I’m hoping to take a listen…maybe these three dogs can give me some advice and insight on these crazy human pet owners that I love so much, and maybe give me some ideas on this “be a good boy” thing.

      Thank you SOOOO much for stopping by. It makes my day and makes my tail wag!

      Bark On!

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