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Mischievous Is My Middle Name

Woof!  Luther here.  Yep.  I’ve been AWOL for a while.  I’ve been in a lot of trouble lately and have been on restriction from my blog.  Guess I deserve it – but dang it…I’m a growing puppy…and pups just wanna have fun!

Ok.  So I figure I can blame my bad-to-the-bone nature on the fact that I’m 1/2 Lab puppy.  I run at full speed all the time, I chew, tear, destroy and maim!  I’ve been told I lick WAY TOO MUCH and I love to play nibble.  I mean…us Labs are on the top ten list of Naughtiest Dog Breeds.  But hey – I’m number 8!  Almost NOT naughty.  But look, I’m not gonna take all the blame here.

First off, I know I’m cute and know that fact probably gives me some leeway.  Second, I’m still a puppy – so what do you expect?  Third, I have a ton of energy.  So since I have no siblings to blame for destroyed stuff in the house, guess I’ll have to blame my pet parents.  I HAVE CABIN FEVER!!  We go on walks – but that’s not enough.  We play, but not enough in my estimation.  I wanna play all day long!  I NEED EXERCISE – I NEED AN OUTLET FOR MY PENT UP ENERGY!  Oh.  Sorry.  I was talking in all CAPS.  But I’m passionate here.

It’s been “wet and muddy” outside here in the Mid-South.  My backyard looks like the location of human annual mud races.

Wet & MuddyMore Mud!

And I love mud!  But alas – it is not my playground today…again.  Maw Maw wanted to take a picture of me all muddy, but she was so mad she put me in the shower instead. SIGH.

So I figure I’d be a good boy and keep myself busy inside.  This puppy is so smart!!

I Love Wood!Maw Maw's Favorite PlantOur bad puppy LutherOops. Not a Good Idea.

Ok. Ok.  Not a good idea on the chair.  I totally miscalculated the cute factor on that one.  To my defense, I’m typically sort of a good boy – for my age and all.  I’m smart and calculate how long they will be gone at the grocery store and plot my mischief accordingly.  The plan is to destroy and be done before they get home – then put on the cute factor.  It doesn’t work pups!  Listen to me here.  Cute does not fix their furniture!

They usually tie all the doors shut and keep me in the kitchen, but I’ve been SO good for SO long – they let their guard down.  I fooled them.  Shame on them!  But they are fighting back.  Dang it!

Grannicks Bitter Apple

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Maw and Paw are like…”we’ve NEVER had to section off any of our other dogs”.  Well I say, I’m not other dogs.  I’m Luther.


Well.  Back to the drawing board!



2 comments on “Luther’s Corner – I’ve Been a Bad Boy

  1. YOU silly, and yes, naughty little boy. YIPES, poor maw has her hands full with you. Gotta love those eyes!

    Hey, Luther’s mom…Sheila, oh my goodness, I can sure get the jist of a few more busy days with all the mischief this little guy has gotten himself into. Lady, you have your hands full. Loved the pictures of your efforts to control the puppy mayhem. It always amazes me how we can have that moment of “good grief you BAD dog” and then embrace them and love on them because they make our hearts shine.

    Sending you and Luther a virtual hug! I’ll be back to see what else surfaces in your lives and what goodies you have planned from Paw Paw’s Kitchen to share with us! Sending smiles across the miles!


    • Hi Linda. Sheila here. So good to see you! You have no idea what a handful this boy is. HOLY SMOKES!! I should have read up on Labs just to give myself an upfront fighting chance with this chuckle-head. And it’s been raining here again, two straight days in a row. He has cabin fever and mischief in his eyes. I’m planning on cooking in the kitchen for him today. I think today it will be his pumpkin banana treats. He loves to hang out with me when I cook and quite gets in the way, but it gives me joy…and keeps him from eating the furniture!

      Cheers…and I’m SO glad you stopped by – so is Luther. He loves to get comments, and he says THANK YOU and sends love your way!

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