Luther’s Corner – Journey To Becoming A Healthy Pet


Hello World!  My Name is Luther.

Healthy Baby Luther
Me! Healthy and ready for my forever home.

Woof! I mean…WOW! I’m so excited to be here. I think my maw maw and paw paw had a great idea when they came up with this healthy pet eating thing. They can be so amazing. Other times, not so much, but basically amazing. They do reprimand me often, but I guess I deserve it (I can’t help I love the taste of furniture). I’m still learning, I’m doing good, I’m smart, I’m a fast learner, and I’m darn handsome! I LOVE MY MAW MAW AND PAW PAW, and they love me!

A Rough Start.

But life wasn’t always so rosy, and my life could have ended up so different.

I don’t understand totally what happened to my real fur mama, but I was told she was dropped off by the side of the road before us pups were born. Guess those human pet owners didn’t want to deal with a promiscuous mama and her illegitimate babies. I guess I can understand you might not want to feed a bunch of extra mouths or deal with the responsibilities of puppies. I guess we can be a handful.

Early spring of 2015, us babies were born in a field next to a busy 4-lane road. Here in Tennessee it was so darn cold. That March, we hit an all-time record low for the area. Mama did her best to keep us warm. She made our home in a bunch of brush, branches, leaves and paper. During the day she would leave us for short amounts of time and would scrounge for food so she could have enough energy to nurse us.

The Beginning of My Journey

Our Secret Was Out!

One day some feed store workers noticed her and how skinny she was. They all tried to woo her and catch her, but she ran! She knew us babies needed her and she wasn’t taking no changes getting caught. The people would put food out for her. She was skittish, looked over her shoulders, and ran when she was finished eating. They saw her run right across that busy road and disappear into the trees.

They finally kept up with her one day and followed her right into those trees, and that’s when they made the discovery. US BABIES! Well, that’s when things got interesting because we had never seen people before. I guess they were sad I suppose. I didn’t know humans, but I knew emotions. We don’t know how old we were, but we’d been around a while – like 7 or 8 weeks or so. There were only three of us babies but I understand we lost 3 more.

Didn’t take long to catch mama once those people caught us babies. With her head and tail hanging down, she knew she had no choice but to come with. Us pups were in bad shape – we were no where near healthy. Mama knew we all needed help. But we were tough! We had lived in the elements; freezing rain, snow, wind, mud. We were dirty, caked with mud, we were skinny. Us babies had eye problems, SO MANY worms, skin problems, and bad tummies. The list went on and on.

A New Adventure.

They tried to feed us and kept us warm. Later that day more people came. Now I know it was a place called Tails of Hope Dog Rescue. That’s when things changed. We went to new homes and that was so darn scary! All I knew back then was my 2 brothers and my mama. WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON HERE?

It was a rocky start. I was so afraid of humans! My foster mom, Rachel, would just hold me, rock me, and cuddle me. She used to hold me while cooking so I could get use to human contact. She was so tender with me…and I flourished! I had to learn to eat real puppy food. I didn’t like it at first, but once I got that first taste I was hooked! That’s when I learned to dance and twirl! I went to the doctor, I got shots, I got neutered and micro chipped, I learned to wear a collar. But mostly I learned how to love and how to play.

Four weeks later, healthy, happy and safe…I was ready for my forever home.

Maw maw and paw paw had just lost their fur baby to cancer on July 4th of that year and had to have him put down. THEY WERE SO SAD! They were lonely, depressed and the house felt empty. They cried all the time. They couldn’t bare it. That’s when they found me on Petfinder. They needed someone to love! I was a cutie and they couldn’t resist. They hoped I still needed a home…AND I DID!

So here I am. That’s my story…and there is so much more to come.  I’m healthy and growing so big now.

Healthy Big Boy
7 months later. Just look at me now!

Maw maw and paw paw don’t know it yet. But I’m coming back to you with more stories. I have so much to tell you.  Shhhh…don’t tell my maw maw and paw paw I’m using the computer. It’s new and they would be so mad!

Here’s barking at cha!


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2 comments on “Luther’s Corner – Journey To Becoming A Healthy Pet

  1. Luther, I’m so glad you found a forever home!

    I can see you brought amazing light and love back into Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s home which is now your loving sanctuary. *warm smile and a scratch behind the ears for you.*

    I look forward to seeing more of your adventures and I am giving thanks for your rescuers and your forever home family.

    Blessings on your journey : )

    • Oh, thank you!! I’m so glad you found me and I do have so much to share and tell. My forever home is awesome. My human pet owners, Maw Maw and Paw Paw love me so much and it shows. Check back often, I have a feeling there will be many adventures to share! WOOF! 🙂
      Love Luther

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