Luther’s Corner – A Tale of Chasing Tails. Why I Do It.


Hi. Luther here again. Today I want to talk about something very near and dear to me. Literally. My tail!

DeTails, DeTails, DeTails.

DSC00288 (2)

First off, I love my tail. I chase it occasionally and sometimes I actually catch it. Can’t figure out what to do with it when I do, so I let it go and start all over again. Silly, I know. But I can’t help it and it seems to make Maw and Paw smile when I do.

Since I’m nosey (pun intended) and getting to really love research, I thought I’d look up the subject. Geez…why does all research seem so serious? Me? I just have excess energy cuz I’m a pup. I chase my tail, bark and play growl, and after I’m all wound up, I go get a toy. I know when I’m being cute there is a huge guarantee that someone’s gonna throw that toy – then I get to chase it. Seems natural to me. Cute + toy = playtime.


It’s kinda like when my human pet owners dance all silly and do funny movements like slapping their butts, kicking their legs up trying to touch their toes, or doing jazz hands when there is no apparent reason they should be. I don’t judge. Well I do, but then I chase my tail.

What is that thing anyway?


After all, why is that thing there? It’s distracting! I’ll be minding my own business then get this overwhelming feeling someone is following me. Then it waves at me and I’m like…”what do you want, for dog’s sake”. I guess it must want to play. I did figure out that the thing is actually attached to my body though. Cool.

I suppose you can get away with silly behavior if you’re a pup, but if you’re an older dog and all of a sudden start chasing your tail, well then, there just might be an issue. Are you senile? Or are you a goofball? Or; do you have allergies? Does your tail hurt? Does your butt hurt?  Do you keep chewing it, or doing that awful licking?  If so, you might have a problem.  If so, this could happen…

Dog collar

I mean, I get it. Some research says if I chase my tail – I must have a serious problem. Really? For me, it’s just plain ole fun. But that’s just me. Being smart and all, I realize that some pups may have personal issues for why they do repetitive things. Like humans, I guess there is such a thing as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in dogs too. This is rare though.

Is there an issue?

Pups! If you’re NOT having fun chasing your tail, then you probably better tell your human pet owner. Tell them you’re not having fun and it’s starting to interfere with your wellbeing. After heartfelt discussions, it might be time to see your 2nd favorite human on the planet…YOUR VET!  I love mine anyway.

Tell your Maw and Paw what’s happening in your life:  Be honest, they love you and love when you give them attention!

girl talk

Are you confined in small quarters for long periods of time? Tell them you don’t like being crated up all day and night. Tell them you understand they have busy schedules – but you need them, and you need exercise. Tell them you want to go outdoors and run and jump and chase squirrels.

Bored and caged in

Tell them “Play with me!” Let them know you get bored, especially if you’re an old-timer. Help them understand your old bones still love to play!

Photo courtesy of Greyerbaby on Pixabay

Do you think you have fleas? We hate those things. They bite, crawl around on us, they are irritating and yucky. Yikes.

It could be hereditary and in your nature. I’m ½ Lab and ½ Shepherd. I found out that Shepherds are prone to this behavior – and since I’m part Shepherd I’m gonna make sure Maw and Paw know to watch my behavior when I’m an adult. Cattle dogs and some terriers have this gene also I guess. But hey, tail chasing is not specific to specific breeds. It’s just what some of us choose to do.

Full Circle.

Okay. I’ve done my due diligence here. Science vs. the non-science.  Or better yet…serious vs. silly.

I love chasing my tail cuz it’s mine and it’s fascinating. I’ll stop when I get older, but right now I’m a kid and wanna do kid things. I bet when you humans were kids you did silly stuff; like eating mud pies…

pretending to fly…


picking your nose (ewwww)…

Bored and picking nose

making funny faces…

Funny Face

The bottom line is this:

I bet you don’t do any of these things any more, do you?  But…I bet secretly you wish you still could be a kid!

Being a kid in a grown up world!

Me, Luther?  As you already know…I just wanna have fun. So I’ll continue to chase my tail for now. Personally I don’t ever want to grow up. I hope I always love chasing my tail. I’ve come full circle. Woof!

Dog Chasing Tail
Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!





4 comments on “Luther’s Corner – A Tale of Chasing Tails. Why I Do It.

  1. Wow! Your writing is very entertaining! I didn’t care much about furry pets till my daughter’s rabbit died. She cried so much and made me cry too. From that time, love tugs at my heart whenever I see someone who is really into their pets. I might write a blog about it one day. I like your website.


    • Thanks for stopping by. I tell ya, these pets of ours have a way of infiltrating our hearts and lives, don’t they? Me and Luther enjoy this site very much. I love to write and Luther loves to express his opinions – and he has a lot of them! Sorry to hear about your daughter’s rabbit. Having pets teaches us so much…how to love unconditionally, how to nurture, it teaches responsibility and it teaches us about life. What could be better than that?

      Peace, and make it a great day!
      Sheila (and Luther)

  2. Well, with Labs especially, tail chasing is good. If they aren’t chasing them they are usually wagging them And if a wagged tail hits you it can really knock you off balance. What power, what speed and what a knock overer (yes I know that is not a word but it should be a Lab word). Labs are pretty good at surreptitious entries too. When we were kids we used to put the tent up in the back yard for summer sleeping. The parents were a bit unsure of this due to bears coming to visit. (By the way bears do not steal burned cookies from the rubbish. They leave them and eat everything else.) So one night we work up with this big black object sleeping across our legs. Oh dear we thought, until we got belted by the tail of our neighbours Lab!

    • Oh my goodness! WOOF WOOF and BOL (barking out loud)! What a funny story. Us labs must keep our humans on their toes. It’s why we were invented. I told Maw about your story and you know what she said? She said I must be part bear because I literally eat anything that not tied down. I choose to save my real meal as dessert!

      I’m so glad you came to visit my site. I have a lot to share and it’s always so nice when someone stops by.


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