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Paw Paw’s Kitchen was founded on a simple theory…Healthy Foods & Snacks for our Dog

We wanted our dogs to be as healthy as possible and live the best long life we could provide them.

Let Me Explain.  A Quick Trip Back in Time.

Together as a couple, our first dog, Zappa, was a beauty.  She was our princess.  She was stoic, quiet, but had a strong presence.  1/2 shepherd and 1/2 Doberman she was a rescue pup with a lot of health issues.  We were willing to adopt a pup with health needs, because we knew most people wouldn’t and with her being at a kill shelter – we knew what we had to do.

Zappa and Paw Paw
Our Princess Zappa with Paw Paw

After filling out adoption papers, we received a call saying she was no longer available to come to her forever home because she had parvo – and it was highly contagious.  They instead, were going to put her down.  Well, we had already invested in our love for her so we took on the daunting task of getting her healthy.

What a long road it was.  Seclusion, quarantine, she couldn’t go out side.  Special foods.  The vet bills were horrendous.  The constant sanitation of all areas of our home were time consuming and hard work.  We did what we had to do…and she made it!  Oh, happy days for this old hippie couple and their pooch.

Then, we introduced a new pup to our lives.  Roach.  We was strong, smart, energetic, and was the protector of all.  Zappa was SOOO irritated with that pup, but helped raise him up.  Such a good girl!

At about the age of 9 we started noticing a decline in Zappa’s health again.  Cancer.  I won’t go into details – it’s all still so sad. Another long process on the journey to health.

One year later we had to put her down.  It was Easter of 2006.  The trip to the vet was the saddest ever.  We cried the whole way.  The moment the light went out in her eyes we looked outside through the window and it had started snowing…hard, out of no where.  Zappa loved the snow.  Then it quit just as quickly as it began.  As we walked to our car the snow had stopped and the sun was peaking through.

Roach our Beloved Good Ole Dog
Our Funny Boy

We still had Roach at home.  He was so lost for a long time.  So we poured all of our love and attention to him.  We had his health problems to contend with.  Allergies. Constant ear infections and dry skin conditions were he would lose his hair.  But we kept him healthy, as well as we could.  He was a handsome boy!

The Environment

Our Environment
Our Environment. Let’s learn to live in it!

A trend was emerging and it was called “The Environment”.  Bad air quality. Modified foods. Preservatives. High fat, high sugar foods.  Processed foods.  Yeah…think about that.  We have more diseases than ever.

Here we went with Roach.  Vet visits, high bills, specialized foods.  Allergy medications, special skin soaps.  The list went on and on.

That’s when we realized something; that’s when we started asking questions to ourselves.  If the environment was interfering with human health it surely was interfering with pet health.

We lost Roach to cancer on July 4th of 2015.  Another heartbreak!  We thought…can we change this trend?  Can healthy, holistic eating help fight the environment and heal our beloved pet family?  We weren’t sure; but what we did know is this…we were gonna give it a shot.

Enter healthy eating for all of us.  That’s where it started.

The Kitchen

Now, we aren’t fancy people.  We’re old throw-backs with an upscale hippy vibe.  We grow our own vegetables.  We try to can when possible.  We buy in bulk and at good prices.  We always buy on sale, and we recycle.

Our home is comfortable and lived in.  We don’t have granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances (or even updated for that matter) and we don’t have hardwood floors through out.  We can’t afford those things and even if we could, we choose to spend our money differently…on nutrition.  We had to pick where to spend our money, and for us, this is what we chose.  Our home is stuck in the 80’s, but we love it.

Our 80's Stove
Our Beloved 80’s Stove. Cooks like a beast!


Paw Paw's Kitchen
Paw Paw’s Kitchen. It’s large, it’s 80’s and it works!

And we love using the best natural ingredients we can afford.  After all, we’re not trying to break the bank – we’re just doing the best we can.

Healthy Foods
Our Healthy Foods

Why do all this?  Because we can.  Why healthy dog foods and treats?  Because we can.  Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are alternatives out there for you, your family, and your dog.  Have fun with it.  We do.  And we know our new little one has fun with it too.

Thanks again for reading our story.  We look forward to you sharing your stories as well.  Stop a moment, take a breather and tell us about your family.  Luther is looking forward to meeting you and your pup too!

Our Dog Luther in Paw Paw's Kitchen
Hi! It’s nice to meet you!



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