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Always in the KitchenLuther here and I’m so excited about pumpkin today. Maw Maw and Paw Paw just got back from the grocery store and MAN…do they have a lot food! They filled up their two HUGE green recycled totes, plus like 8 more bags of stuff. I guess most of it is for them, but I know for a fact, some of it’s for me! Boy Oh Boy!

I can’t keep my head out of the bags! I stick my whole head in each bag and sniff everything. I get in trouble, but I can’t help myself (and besides, I don’t know why they don’t put the groceries on the counter, I keep telling them…you put it on the floor and it’s mine). Wanna know why I’m so excited? I SEE PUMPKIN!!! And…a new jar of Peanut Butter. There’s my carrots, some sweet potatoes, more whole wheat flour, and organic ground flax seed! YUMMY…Life is about to get delicious!

Healthy Foods
Our Healthy Foods

Let me tell you my pumpkin story.

PumpkinWhen I got to my forever home, Maw and Paw put me on a grain based puppy food. It was so yummy and I ate real fast all the time, but my tummy would bloat up. I was also so smart and learned potty training so quick. I am a good student! But I couldn’t hold my number 2 so good. Well, not at all really. When you gotta go, you gotta go, right? That caused a lot of issues, because the only choice I had was on the light tan carpet. OOPSY POOPSY. This was not cool.

Luther's Purple Puppy Bowl
Click picture to check this out!

They did all the right things. They researched a good food for me, transitioned me according to directions from the vet, and so on. But…still diarrhea. I could tell they weren’t mad at me, but I still felt so bad.

How to Use Pumpkin to Treat Those Tummy Issues

Make sure you purchase plain ole canned pumpkin from your grocery store. Don’t get pumpkin pie filling or anything with spices (not good for the tummy).  Add a plop of canned pumpkin to your dog’s meal. Ok.  A “plop” is about one tablespoon of canned pumpkin for a fifty pound dog and scale down from there for a smaller pup…like one teaspoon if you’ve got a smaller dog.a32256e2-2259-44bf-843c-0bfc30a97d0d (2)

Continue the pumpkin remedy every day until you notice a firmer stool.

Plain boiled rice is another option for a dog with an upset tummy or diarrhea. Sometimes my Maw mixes boiled hamburger (boil hamburger until done, rinse well – then add a small amount to the rice) or sometimes she uses canned pumpkin in with the rice.

RiceHave your human pet owners contact your vet if you still has tummy problems after a week of eating canned pumpkin. You still need proper nutrition!Call Your Vet

Finally – A Healthy Belly

Come to find out – the puppy food was way too rich for my belly…and I had an allergy to grain and poultry. More research! Then we finally found a great “all life stages” food for me. GRAIN FREE with pork, beef and lamb! But first, the vet suggested a rice and low sodium beef bouillon diet for a few days to get my tummy under control and it worked! Now we had to maintain our good fortune. Then Maw Maw remembered what foster mom had said. “Mix a little pumpkin in his food”! Maw did for about 2 weeks, and I’ve been a fan ever since. And…no more tummy troubles and no more accidents! YAY!Whole Earth Grain Free

Maw maw approved of this message today and thought it was a good idea. I LOVE HER! She also said she should write a little something in the “Wellness” section about this. She’s a good researcher and I like that she explains things in a way you can understand. My Maw! She’s a teacher, helper, motivator, and so supportive. She could stand to lighten up a bit though. 🙂  And I’m a little confused. Maw Maw said something crazy like I need to finish my carrot goodies first before I get new goodies.  I don’t know what the heck that means.

Well anyway, that’s it for today. All I know is we have new groceries in the house and that means I’ll be helping out in the kitchen.

Till next time!



4 comments on “Luther’s Corner – Pumpkin and My Healthy Tummy

  1. Love it!!! I will have to make sure to check this often. Rusty and Patches are doing great!! Can you believe Patches is 11 years old?!!

    • Hey you! I’m so glad you love what me and Luther are doing. We’re having ball… And holy-cow! Patches is 11?? Where does the time go, I swear. Gee Whiz. I wish Patches many more years. Man, don’t we love our little guys? We love and miss you all SO MUCH!

      Thanks for taking time to visit our site and do check back often. Me and Luther…we got plans! 🙂

      LOVE YOU!!
      Sheila & Luther

  2. I love your entire site but the pumpkin really caught my eye!
    Pumpkin doesn’t get near the credit it deserves.
    I have used pumpkin for my dogs and also in my people cooking for years. Most people only relate to pumpkin as a pie fruit but never realize it’s a wonderful vegetable.

    Mother of 4 dogs here, and will visit your site again.

    • Pumpkin has been a lifesaver for my Tummy. My Maw went on the hunt for a natural way to help me with my issues and she found a delicious answer. She uses pumpkin a lot not just for me, but they like it too! She makes a pumpkin soufflé that’s to die for! 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I haven’t been on a lot lately because Maw’s been working on her other site and hogging the computer. But, she promised me I will get my chance soon. I have a lot to share and can’t wait for you and your 4 babies to stop back by.

      Have a great evening and tell your dogs “WOOF” for me.


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