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The Healthy Road Trip – Destination…Wellbeing

Road Trip toward Wellbeing

Natural Pet Health and Wellbeing, to me, means taking preventative action with your pet’s health.  After so many recurring issues on the health front with my previous and current pet, I’m finding that using natural and alternative treatments might be worth incorporating into our pet’s nutrition.  It all starts with them (and us)…we need to start thinking more about what we put into our bodies and how those choices affect us and our beloved fur children.  If I think it through, there are four areas of wellness to consider.

  • General Health and Wellbeing
  • Lifestyle of our pets
  • Training, and
  • Nutrition

Paw Paw’s Kitchen cares about nutrition as the corner stone of everything.  If you don’t have good nutrition, you don’t have health and wellbeing; you don’t have quality of life for your pet; and they don’t have the energy and brain power for training.  It all goes full circle.

Here, we will focus on healthier food choices and holistic homemade treats.  We will touch on lifestyle and benefits of exercise.  We’ll discuss common health issues and find healthy options on how to tackle the icky-sickies.  And finally some topics will be intertwined with training opportunities and how nutrition plays a par

Luther, our pup, has a lot of energy.  He has made it his task to write blogs and give you his perspective on his journey to health.  Read his musings and be delighted as he tells tales of heroics and humble beginnings in finding a forever home he thought he’d never get to experience.  Everything you read and learn here is because Luther was brought into our lives.  We have lost 2 beloved pets due to cancer.  We were heart broken that their lives were ended so early.  We will always wonder if we could have done a better job with nutrition.  Of course there are also other variables to poor health; genetics, environment, foods, etc.  We’re not taking a chance with Luther.  We promise to provide him (and your pet) with the best information we can research and share.  I at least want to know we did the best we could.

First, let’s nurture our pets with delicious nutrient foods and treats.  I’ll be giving and showing you options of all the different, nutrient commercial foods out there for our dogs.  I’ll be sharing Luther’s favorite homemade treat recipes – straight from our kitchen.  We’ll compare what “human foods” are okay…and which ones are not okay.

For Wellbeing keep Sweets Away

Healthy Salmon Oil
Click photo for more information. Luther LOVES his Omega 3’s! Over 3,000 4++ Star Reviews

Second, think about the importance of supplements – I know it sounds crazy giving pets supplements, but think about it.  The environment affects animal health the same way it does human health.  Luther was adopted as a rescue and came to us with bad allergies and skin conditions plus he has such tummy troubles.  As a baby, he would scratch and yelp all day and night long.  It was horrible to watch and we felt helpless!  Our trainer recommended salmon oil mixed with his foods.  It has been a miracle!  I’m not saying it’s the be all/end all, but he stopped the scratching and now his skin and fur are so soft it’s ridiculous.

Third, Vaccinate consistently and on time!  Make and keep those vet appointments.  Those appointments may be the difference between life and death for your pet.  But you know this already.  Also, get them neutered or spayed, and go ahead and get them micro-chipped as well.  If they are lost or stolen, this one small step might be the difference in being reunited with your companion.

Vet Care Wellness Check

Forth, and my favorite.  Think holistically when considering treatment or therapy for your fur baby.  Being holistic does not replace your formal vet care, it enhances it.  Think of it as yoga and meditation for your pets soul.  It rebalances them spiritually and emotionally.  Think I’m crazy?  I don’t care.  I’m an old hippie, and as far as I’m concerned – if it has a soul, it can heal.  🙂

Holistic Healing
Over 385 positive reviews

Last, but not least, and Luther’s all time favorite.  Exercise.  Check out what Luther has to say about his favorite pastime…PLAY.  Playtime and love, it’s bonding, it’s quality time, it stimulates the brain and keeps our dogs sharp-minded, it builds confidence.  I feel if we do these few little steps, our pets (AND US) will greatly benefit from wellness and all it has to offer.

What a good boy!

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